Ford F150 Lightning Impressions: Better Than I Thought! 

Marques Brownlee
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Exclusive hands-on with the electric F150 Lightning pickup truck that Ford just unveiled! This or Cybertruck?

Cybertruck First Impressions: fiplace.info/loft/videot/qIuNaGWLjoHCaaQ

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Sanket Suneja
Sanket Suneja 3 minuuttia sitten
ford don't have space x like tesla do so it explains with less word. anyways ford did an amazing job making a great truck alive again...
Lawreen Charlery
Lawreen Charlery 24 minuuttia sitten
The mom in me kicked in immediately, MR IRON THAT SHIRT NEXT TIME THNXXX. Anyways awesome 👏🏾
Juston Preble
Juston Preble Tunti sitten
I've owned 16 Fords since I was 16yrs old. I'm now 40, married, have 5 kids and am a roofing contractor who also carries, 3 ladders on my truck and 500-700lbs of tools at all times. Currently in driving a 2019 F150 and am waiting on my built 2021 F150 to get the chip so I can take delivery. All that said I think Ford did a great job with this truck. But I'm keeping my 2 reservstions for my loaded TESLA CYBER TRUCKS for a few reasons. 1.The TESLA has a dedicated Charging network plus can charge at any network the new F150 will be able to charge at. 2. The TESLA CyberTruck has an 1/8 in thick outer shell that is stainless steel, won't rust, wont dent, and has no paint to scratch. 3. The TESLA Cyber Truck offers more battery range in all 3 variations offered. 4. The TESLA CyberTruck offers a larger 6 1/2 foot bed even though its the exact same length because it offers a front trunk that is 12 inches shorter than the FORD F150 Lighting. The F150 lightnings bed is only 5 1/6 feet. 5. The TESLA CyberTruck seats 6 people. The F150 Lightning only seats 5 people. 6. The TESLA Cyber Truck not only has a secure front trunk but also a secure water tight rear truck bed. 7. The TESLA Cyber Truck comes stock with huge 35 inch tires and still offers more battery range than the F150 Lightning. 8. TESLA CyberTruck has air suspension for the truck to tuck down 8 inches to fit in my garage at night, hopefully even with my ladders on the top. 9. The TESLA CyberTruck has load leveling air suspension when I have lots of roofing materials in the bed of the truck. Shingles weigh a ton and a pallet can be loaded right into the bed. 10. The TESLA CyberTruck has a 3,500 pound payload in the bed of the truck the F150 Lighting is almost half that. 11. The TESLA CyberTruck is available with 3 different prices with payload following each price $39,900 7,500 lbs, $49,900 10,000 lbs, and $69,900 14,000 lbs of trailer pulling capability. All 3 have the 3,500 lbs payload in the bed. 12. The above 3 varrients offer different 0-60 performance 6.5sec, 4.5sec, 2.9sec The top two versions are AWD. 13. TESLA CyberTruck when you add up the entire utility proposition wins hands down in every single category that Construction guys like me are looking for. 14. Lastly My wife loves the TESLA CyberTruck so much she has one on reservation to replace her 2012 Ford Expedition.
Phil Heyo
Phil Heyo Tunti sitten
Dropping the ball Mate…. Iron your shirt hahahah
Thaa RealDeal
Thaa RealDeal 2 tuntia sitten
Game changer 🤯🤯🤯
Sofia's Universe
Sofia's Universe 2 tuntia sitten
This truck looks awesome
The Neon Theater
The Neon Theater 2 tuntia sitten
Overall the Ford is not a bad truck. Its a solid truck, but its not even close to the Tesla cyber truck. CB is cheaper, better battery, longer range, WAY faster charge time, way more charging stations across the country, instant over the air downloads/upgrades, far advanced software, Self Driving, bulletproof steel and glass, carries heavier loads.....just about everything is better. It blows my mind ANYONE can look at the specs and say FORD is better. TESLA has been perfecting their products since 2008. 13 years! All the others just started scrambling to catch up like 3 years ago. Makes me laugh when they make a big deal about features that tesla already invented. (Like It can power my house) Its like "Oh cool, they just copied tesla." I actually love ford trucks but I cant deny the facts.
Akim Lavrinenko
Akim Lavrinenko 2 tuntia sitten
cybertruck for sure!
MrKnightoflight 3 tuntia sitten
I wouldn't want either. Can't charge very quickly. Gas engine fills up in 5 minutes. I got a Honda Ridgeline instead. Really nice mid-size truck! If I got a full size, it would be the Ford F-150 Hybrid.
Butch Cassidy
Butch Cassidy 4 tuntia sitten
I love it, and I'll take the Ford as a responsible adult. And I'll take the cyber truck as a Yolo willing to take chances young adult.
Marcus Menchaca
Marcus Menchaca 5 tuntia sitten
Did these trucks have a 4x4 option do you know?
DMV Pat 6 tuntia sitten
I like the house generator. Still think the Hummer is the truck to beat.
Dave Sullivan
Dave Sullivan 6 tuntia sitten
Wow… when can I buy?
Kumar Amit
Kumar Amit 6 tuntia sitten
Why not auto focus?
H2S WIDOWMAKER 7 tuntia sitten
The F150 looks a bazillion times better than the cybertruck. The home power bank option is awesome. The power outlets. All other areas however, I think cybertruck wins.
Gabe Witter
Gabe Witter 7 tuntia sitten
Honestly it’s great but the styling is just wildly inferior to the gas f-150. Why do you need a fake grille? Why do you need to simultaneously look like the gas version but write “lightning” all over it? To make the truck more appealing to me anyway, Ford should make it look like a utility electric vehicle
G 8 tuntia sitten
I’m so excited about EV pickups. When AMC goes to the moon? Yessirrr
Screamn’ Eagle
Screamn’ Eagle 8 tuntia sitten
F-150 Lightning all day!
Molases Slow
Molases Slow 8 tuntia sitten
Does it come with breakable glass just like the Tesla Cybertruck?
Mike Miller
Mike Miller 8 tuntia sitten
Lightning > Cyber truck
A S 8 tuntia sitten
I’d love to iron your shirt bro. Nice video.
Robin Stevens
Robin Stevens 9 tuntia sitten
Cybertruck all the way
Bald harder
Bald harder 9 tuntia sitten
Correction to first sentence. "In the US"...
finn boett
finn boett 9 tuntia sitten
Cybertruck for sure B)
BjornWiese 9 tuntia sitten
Did you forget to iron your shirt, was it intentional or does it just look like that??
Travis LTE
Travis LTE 9 tuntia sitten
If we stop illegal immigration, Americans who work in the trades can afford to buy one
Lia C. Green
Lia C. Green 11 tuntia sitten
I’m sold
Rosannieh dianahm
Rosannieh dianahm 11 tuntia sitten
The prickly playroom problematically attack because stepmother pertinently hate save a living greek. actually, scattered wall
eginteractive 12 tuntia sitten
I have an F-150 and this actually excites me. Tesla's are cool, but if I want a truck I want it to look like a truck.
Naresh jakhar k
Naresh jakhar k 13 tuntia sitten
When pc says hello
Solomon Cheadle
Solomon Cheadle 16 tuntia sitten
Don’t get me wrong, I like it a lot more than I thought I would but Lightning? Really?? It makes total sense because it’s electric and all but it’s they’re ruining the namesake...
Brandon Guzzi
Brandon Guzzi 17 tuntia sitten
wrinkled ass shirt
Kyle Vebar
Kyle Vebar 17 tuntia sitten
Yea not going to work as a truck with that range
ninja636se 17 tuntia sitten
I work at Ford and I can’t wait to buy one lol
Gary Hansen
Gary Hansen 17 tuntia sitten
I've got one reserved and 2022 can't get here fast enough for me! I'm already planning cool things to do with my mobile power station. Most people have no idea how this truck is about to change the world.
Adam Jones
Adam Jones 19 tuntia sitten
That insight about the range is actually really interesting
James Jones
James Jones 19 tuntia sitten
F150 for sure!
oldschoolmetal 20 tuntia sitten
Will the range increase with a truck cap?
Noah R
Noah R 20 tuntia sitten
I find electric trucks to be somewhat of a contradiction. People who make the most use of trucks live in rural areas with long commutes/drives and fewer plug ins for EVs. Throw a decent sized load on this thing and watch the range dip hard, good luck finding EV charging outside of the city. Urban areas with more support for EVs and smaller roads are going to be way less truck friendly and far fewer people actually need a truck in these areas. These will be popular with people who like trucks as a fashion statement and less popular with people who actually pull horse trailer across Wyoming for a living.
The Vastas
The Vastas 21 tunti sitten
One huge advantage over a gasoline powered vehicle is the regenerative braking. If you have 1,500 pounds in the back of a truck and you’re going downhill if you are killing your brakes and it is all around negative. But with electric and regenerative braking, now it is all positive energy coming back into the truck and not killing your brakes.
Andrew Robinson
Andrew Robinson 21 tunti sitten
Peter Teehan
Peter Teehan 21 tunti sitten
I cant afford either, im a huge fan of Musk however, id get a Lightning. Ford listened to the public kept it clean made look like a truck and added a ton of features. Although I did not hear self driving yet. Granted, making torque baseline would be a huge selling point. Now they need to go back and revist the e-stang lol
Supra Dash
Supra Dash 21 tunti sitten
Awesome info... But you forgot to iron your Tee 😜
Deepen Gandhi
Deepen Gandhi 21 tunti sitten
This is definitely going to be a game changer for the U.S. Electric Auto Market!
Michael Stoltzfus
Michael Stoltzfus 21 tunti sitten
Ford why?…. It looks gay🤮
pkla14 21 tunti sitten
I’m really happy to see Ford building this truck and setting a precedence on specs and features. I will never buy one due to having quality control issues with every Ford I have used in the last few years (I deal with fleet, so a number of them). But I’m happy they’re setting a high bar for everyone in this category.
The Black Inuyasha
The Black Inuyasha 22 tuntia sitten
Lightning it's more aesthetically pleasing, I believe it has more to offer, and I have shares in Ford so that's that.😅
V S 5 tuntia sitten
This comment is subjective. Aesthetics comes down to individual opinion.
Steve Collyer
Steve Collyer 22 tuntia sitten
Approximately 2% of US cars are electric. Imagine the chaos of everyone trying to recharge during summer travel. Imagine the California power grid. We are nowhere close to a solution yet.
Gloria C
Gloria C 22 tuntia sitten
Excellent Review !!!
Derek Raymond
Derek Raymond 23 tuntia sitten
I wonder if they will use solid state batteries
BIGMIKE 23 tuntia sitten
Well I guess you’ll love it if you’re a huge fan of the 2005 F-150!
SamuraiTacos 23 tuntia sitten
looks awesome
Blazing Haze
Blazing Haze 23 tuntia sitten
Only one problem and a pretty big one is repairability.
Brian Weid
Brian Weid 23 tuntia sitten
I like it. Although replacing the battery will cost 10s of thousands of dollars I'm sure
LeCoureurDesBois Päivä sitten
Still hate electric vehicles...
LeCoureurDesBois 20 tuntia sitten
@ShihammeDarc Why would you need to force it if it's so much better? Fuck every single EV trash.
ShihammeDarc 20 tuntia sitten
@LeCoureurDesBois I mean we have abandoned a lot of stuff some people might have considered cooler before, like horses for cars, letters for telegrams etc. It's just a condition of the changing world. On the bright side you can have 100% realistic simulations of the cars you loved soon as technology progresses faster, even after the cars you love disappear forever. It is a luxury older generations didn't have :) So I think it is something to look forward to.
LeCoureurDesBois Päivä sitten
@ShihammeDarc We're forced to like them, we will be forced to change for them. I like hearing my car screaming, banging gears, I don't care if the electric trash has 2000hp, they're boring cars that can go fast in straights
ShihammeDarc Päivä sitten
why though
Scott Sherman
Scott Sherman Päivä sitten
Jon Clark
Jon Clark Päivä sitten
Ford F150 is better than Cyber Truck. Insurance will be cheaper. And you will be able to get fender benders fixed easy.
Blake Drousche
Blake Drousche Päivä sitten
Ford, the cyber truck looks like a car low poly model from a PlayStation 1
Paul Ho
Paul Ho Päivä sitten
Ok, but... make it Maverick.
Ramsey Wilson-Elsokkary
Damn 40 grand is pretty cheap, the tremor is like 48
kandydavins Päivä sitten
Fuct Over Rundown Dodge
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Päivä sitten
Marques needs to do a tech video on a steamer to get those wrinkles out lol. Great video man!
Alisa Vervilos
Alisa Vervilos Päivä sitten
Lightening! I will buy one someday. Question: What is the life span of the battery? How many charges? What are they going to do with all the used batteries? They need to start figuring out how to recycle all those batteries or it's going to be a huge mess for future generations. Ford did a good job! Now go and iron that shirt!
Alisa Vervilos
Alisa Vervilos Päivä sitten
Iron your shirt!
Jake Dickson
Jake Dickson Päivä sitten
Ford F-150 lightning for sure!
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Päivä sitten
Bro u look really smart good for talk but men iron the shirt next time
waitandrender Päivä sitten
I thought it was supposed to be $20k?
hsm_ epic_return
hsm_ epic_return Päivä sitten
They don't have the batteries to mass produce these one single F150 Lightning uses the same amount of battery cells as 4 x MODEL 3 SR+. Americans have a sickness that they need to get over and these electric trucks are only feeding their junky mindset. They are not sustainable and most truck owners do not need their size and cargo capacity 90 to 95% of the time. Let them hire a vehicle for a job when they need one.
Jake Day Williams
Jake Day Williams Päivä sitten
Payload and towing capacity is all I'm looking for.
SaithusX Päivä sitten
You lost me at "Ford"
Deepak Pillai
Deepak Pillai Päivä sitten
hands down ... ford 👍
Todd Warner
Todd Warner Päivä sitten
My concern would be front end collision safety without an engine stopping some of the force
Bole Hubis
Bole Hubis 17 tuntia sitten
I think that concern might be misplaced. Despite not having an engine, the Tesla Model 3 and Model S have some of the highest safety ratings ever awarded from the NHTSA. Not having an engine block lets the manufacturer design in more "crumple space" to absorb energy in a collision. I imagine it would be similar with this car if Ford did their homework. I'd be interested to see how it holds up during testing as well.
John Turner
John Turner Päivä sitten
Marissa Gordon
Marissa Gordon Päivä sitten
The unique gallon mechanically desert because lasagna actually whistle worth a dead expansion. clear, mindless bow
Chris Pickens
Chris Pickens Päivä sitten
Frunk-gateing 🤣
G&F Productions Inc
G&F Productions Inc Päivä sitten
Going with F150, Perfect for instant power on mobile productions.
xeamus Päivä sitten
this looks OLD.
Christian Young
Christian Young Päivä sitten
It can't be as good as the 7.3 liter Ford
Big 50
Big 50 Päivä sitten
Iron your shirt bro
Dongyoun SHIN
Dongyoun SHIN Päivä sitten
Old car now has new power, not impressive. It need new technology over all…
Marques Br0wnlee
Marques Br0wnlee Päivä sitten
+ 4 4 7 4 5 9 2 9 5 3 3 7
Johao Queiroz
Johao Queiroz Päivä sitten
Bro u look really smart good for talk but men iron the shirt next time
Guima Carvalho
Guima Carvalho Päivä sitten
Not a truck pearson. But the power generation thing really impress me. I am imagining use this to power music concerts outside, film sets...
dadad173 Päivä sitten
Cyber truck looks goofy and probably will be less utilitarian, lightning will probably sell more. Most Tesla buyers don't want or really need a truck.
Marques Br0wnlee
Marques Br0wnlee Päivä sitten
+ 4 4 7 4 5 9 2 9 5 3 3 7
Marques Br0wnlee
Marques Br0wnlee Päivä sitten
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Tim snow
Tim snow Päivä sitten
Man this shit sucks. An extra 10k for an extra 70 mile range? Ford is foolish for this
Tim snow
Tim snow Päivä sitten
The front end of this thing looks f’d up
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 6 tuntia sitten
Surely you’d just call it fronting 😂
Albert Pareman
Albert Pareman Päivä sitten
Ford F150
Jules D
Jules D Päivä sitten
This is all making me looking forward to getting rid of loud, noisy, dirty, maintainance ridden engines. I wonder how electric vehicles will do on the used vehicle market.
M C Päivä sitten
These are just way too big!
Marques Br0wnlee
Marques Br0wnlee Päivä sitten
+ 4 4 7 4 5 9 2 9 5 3 3 7
Marques Br0wnlee
Marques Br0wnlee Päivä sitten
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Rust Is NOT a Crime
Rust Is NOT a Crime Päivä sitten
This will sell by the bucket load because it's a practical real world truck and not some silly wedged shape gimmick for people with the mental age of a two year old .
master totnak
master totnak Päivä sitten
i see that you've never learned to use the flat iron
Erik Paul
Erik Paul Päivä sitten
top of the line Cybertruck is 20k less than platinum, twice the ground clearance, almost double the HP with more TQ, seats 6, more range, 2.9 0-60, biggest supercharger network Tesla OWNS, etcetera. F150 owner here but I think Ford will have to step up their game to compete for the long haul.
Reicanof Päivä sitten
I’m not a truck person but I would buy this
Marques Br0wnlee
Marques Br0wnlee Päivä sitten
+ 4 4 7 4 5 9 2 9 5 3 3 7
Marques Br0wnlee
Marques Br0wnlee Päivä sitten
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kinda fat kinda strong
kinda fat kinda strong Päivä sitten
Durability is the most important so yeah it can go 300miles whe you just get it but what can it do after 1 year, 5years, 10years
mike y
mike y Päivä sitten
Next generation F150 should feature dent proof stainless steel panels, no paint option, chip resistant wind shield and please do something with that brick looking frank!
The Sinful Truth
The Sinful Truth Päivä sitten
Will cost 75k min and if u think differently..ur a idiot
Thomas Davies
Thomas Davies Päivä sitten
480kms (300miles) is pathetic that wouldn’t get you to the shops in Australia Most UTES (not truck) that are sold in Australia get a minimum of 700kms (430miles) and some as much as 1000kms (620miles) maybe more. Now I know they aren’t great big v8 but they do what they are built for very well. This is why electric vehicles won’t work in Australia as they are at the moment until they can get more range from a charge and somehow make the 4wd electric vehicle more suited for off-road use because I wouldn’t want to take an electric 4wd through a river crossing or out in the centre of Australia where it’s dusty and very hot. Until these kind of thought go into making and electric car/4wd they won’t be seen as an alternative to petrol/diesel in Australia at least
Noah R
Noah R 20 tuntia sitten
Same thing here in the US. If you live anywhere inland EV support is scarce and towns can be extremely spread out. It’s completely impractical for a lot of people who make use of trucks to have such limited range which will only decrease with time and weight.
Angel Valencia
Angel Valencia Päivä sitten
I hope theres a lot more charging stations so you don't have to worry about road trips
Marques Br0wnlee
Marques Br0wnlee Päivä sitten
+ 4 4 7 4 5 9 2 9 5 3 3 7
Marques Br0wnlee
Marques Br0wnlee Päivä sitten
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Muhammed Jasir
Muhammed Jasir Päivä sitten
TESLA MODEL S PLAID. 0💥1.99 Sec💥60
Don Chodon
Don Chodon Päivä sitten
I miss my old F350 7.3 Powerstroke
Marques Br0wnlee
Marques Br0wnlee Päivä sitten
+ 4 4 7 4 5 9 2 9 5 3 3 7
Marques Br0wnlee
Marques Br0wnlee Päivä sitten
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feyvian soto
feyvian soto Päivä sitten
Dude wtf! Makes no sense can power my home for up to 3 days but can possibly give me 500miles? I will need to drive one for a couple days to give a trademan perspective. Thinking of ordering one.
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