Why iPhone's Features are Always "Late" 

Marques Brownlee
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Thoughts on iOS 15 Features and some WWDC reactions!

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The Noobest Gamer
The Noobest Gamer 4 tuntia sitten
Hey where is the Oppo X 2021 Rollable phone review ???
mijuo roui
mijuo roui 5 tuntia sitten
I'm just waiting for GTA 6. I know it's totally irrelevant XD.
Arnold M Xavier
Arnold M Xavier 5 tuntia sitten
Without watching the video. 'when Apple brings a feature it is much more refined'
Luis Ortiz
Luis Ortiz 5 tuntia sitten
Marques, I think you missed mentioning that though Apple’s integrated ocr is late, iOS users have been able to run Googles’ via their native iOS app or widget!
Rashaad 5 tuntia sitten
I prefer Google. I thought they were going to be the ones to compete with Apples Techosystem but this is just blowing me. First time i have actually wanted an iPhone
mijuo roui
mijuo roui 5 tuntia sitten
picky what to release for general public.
eiusamor 6 tuntia sitten
Also, this explanation doesn't always make sense IMO. For example, why when they added reactions to iMessage did they give us these random pre-defined options, instead of just letting us choose emojis? Or with widgets, why are they so restrictive, and essentially just glorified app icons? Where is split screen for iOS? Why can we STILL not snap windows to the side on macOS? Why is it that I can use App Drawer on iOS to search an app then add to my home screen, but when searching apps using Spotlight (more convenient IMO) I can't drag them anywhere? Why did they make accessing the shuffle/repeat buttons on Music more difficult than it was before? It's little things like these that add up for me.
Randy Augustus
Randy Augustus 6 tuntia sitten
I used to ride for Google really hard back in the day. But it’s the silo effect that really killed it for me. Eg, the constant killing off of apps I liked (inbox, allo, Google Play Music, reader, etc). Now that the (Google) assistant is starting to show her age (or maybe it’s my devices). I’m excited to switch to HomeKit and Siri for control. That said, I’m gonna really miss multi language, multi user support that the Google Assisant offers. Eg. One person speaks Spanish, the other English. The Google assistant will recognize both.
eiusamor 6 tuntia sitten
I sent Apple a feature request a couple years back that described the new Focus feature almost verbatim. I wonder if they ever saw that, or if this was already in the works... lol
wolcott Shill
wolcott Shill 6 tuntia sitten
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just some guy
just some guy 6 tuntia sitten
You didn't answer the "why"
just some guy
just some guy 6 tuntia sitten
Did Google ever copy Apple?
Dexter Mulele
Dexter Mulele 6 tuntia sitten
After using IPhone for 2 years, I can safely say that there's nothing cool about it nada 😂.you can't share music, u can't share apps and neither can you download the cool staff like themes, IPhone is overrated 😂 it's just a shitty piece of technology that can't do nothing but take photos 😂 Now switched to Google pixel for a better experience....
Nishant Sawant
Nishant Sawant 6 tuntia sitten
Why you are not making video on Sony WF 1000XM4
Kryan SA
Kryan SA 6 tuntia sitten
The one big thing that apple simply doesn’t understand is widgets and the app drawer. Yes it’s better now than not having it…but my lord the dragging and dropping is cumbersome and the fact I can’t put an icon just anywhere KILLS ME
M4 tech crazy
M4 tech crazy 6 tuntia sitten
Azims 7 tuntia sitten
Android is beta test for iOS
Elijah Begley
Elijah Begley 7 tuntia sitten
Whooo 🤭
Hemant Singh
Hemant Singh 7 tuntia sitten
Hey Marques , Apple has never focused on comparing itself with any other hardware or software from different brands. It has only focused on making its approach and ideas unique, which automatically makes it stand out from other companies.
Jefferson Adigue
Jefferson Adigue 7 tuntia sitten
Am I the only one noticed the cursor in the background pc moving by itself? Or is it because of video editing? 😊
Some One
Some One 7 tuntia sitten
Apples features are always more pollished, smooth and they work better. I feel like Android goes for quantity, but apple goes for quality with their features because they are really picky what to release for general public.
Steve Consley
Steve Consley 7 tuntia sitten
Honestly, I just like features that work. I don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to figure them out. Plus I don’t want to have relearn how to use a feature each time I go to it.
Georgios Pyrgiotakis, PhD
A lot of these things also were in conflict with the privacy Apple flag shipped. So the text recognition in images was on hold until they had the capability of on device analysis.
iSantosh 7 tuntia sitten
0:21 Any CodM Fans Who Knows Manta Ray
Reckless Prince
Reckless Prince 7 tuntia sitten
As far as focus mode changing profiles across devices. Its not a feature on android, but it can be done with apps like tasker.
Georgios Pyrgiotakis, PhD
iChat used to do the screen share and had an awesome presentation mode.
Deepak Jain
Deepak Jain 7 tuntia sitten
Anybody Reading This Comment, Please Make Me Understand, Why CALL RECORDING Breaches Privacy Of Someone When A Call Is Already Being Recorded At The Other End. It’s High Time Apple Should Incorporate This Feature, People Have Changed Over A Period Of Time, Deals Are Mostly Done On Phones, People Just Deny Anything And Everything They Said, If It Doesn’t Suit Them. It’s Better To Remind Them Of Their Words, May Be IN THIER VOICE.
Chad Charming
Chad Charming 7 tuntia sitten
Apple does tend to make them better tbh
Moinuddin Khan
Moinuddin Khan 7 tuntia sitten
Hey Marques, which phone you’re using Is it iPhone or android?
Ahmed Dergham
Ahmed Dergham 7 tuntia sitten
Apple adds features that targets its ecosystem because it's a money-wise issue , I think that they should think about customers' satisfaction. there is lots of features that not related to ecosystem such as AOD for Iphone and IPad !!
Chad Charming
Chad Charming 7 tuntia sitten
iOS 15 looks amazing
Husain Abdulla
Husain Abdulla 7 tuntia sitten
You are asking why Apple features is always late? The answer is simple Apple kills the technology
David Page
David Page 7 tuntia sitten
Still no low battery mode for iPad 😡
Mitchell Horner
Mitchell Horner 7 tuntia sitten
I use to like the super fast and innovative, but have learned to grow to love how Apple just gets it right when they do it and so seamlessly. I would like to see them launch products and services no one has ever seen before, much like the smart phone (iPhone), iPad, and more in the past.
Luiz Moreira
Luiz Moreira 8 tuntia sitten
Apple is holding ram usage in iPad Pro to make sure that more ram it is a good integrated idea.
Waɔky 8 tuntia sitten
What if a person just want to set the personal mode on the phone ?
Super White19
Super White19 8 tuntia sitten
Later and well polished features.
Alien Life
Alien Life 8 tuntia sitten
r u apple boy
fabio cekrezi
fabio cekrezi 8 tuntia sitten
No he is banana boy
Kay 09
Kay 09 8 tuntia sitten
most of these features are coming late because they didn't invent them not because they don't have the capability to do it then and there. stuff like widgets are basic features that were in android from the beginning and there's no difference between them other than still, Apple doesn't allow you to customize in full freedom. Apple is like that toxic rich person that rejects all the useful items that a normal person uses but after some time realizes it's useful for them as well so they paint those items with gold just to be different from the regular item. Seriously I don't get why Americans who REALLY pushing the total freedom agenda like to be controlled by some big tech company.
Jayson Cowan
Jayson Cowan 8 tuntia sitten
Apple ecosystem all broken with security.
fabio cekrezi
fabio cekrezi 7 tuntia sitten
😂😂😂 best joke ever
Roberto Lopesino
Roberto Lopesino 8 tuntia sitten
Hola Marques! Thank you for another great video!
André Trujillo
André Trujillo 9 tuntia sitten
I want super bleeding edge new perfectly seamlessly working new features. 😠 And before anyone else. When is Stark Industries going to make their own smartphone public?
Maggie Hernandez
Maggie Hernandez 9 tuntia sitten
The messy hovercraft expectably bruise because cross ecologically imagine for a rebel kangaroo. rightful, hushed puppy
TechGainz 9 tuntia sitten
Yeah not sure how people still pay such a premium for iphones 😂😂😂 there's $200 phones in China SMOKING IPhone software/hardware. Every. Single. Year.
fabio cekrezi
fabio cekrezi 7 tuntia sitten
Not at all show me some prooff
Milorad Ivović
Milorad Ivović 9 tuntia sitten
Marques, I'm a rare viewer, but I wanted to compliment you on your evolution of insight. There was a time when you would have been less inclined to appreciate patience for the sake of a polished cross-platform experience. I know it's no surprise to your regular viewers, but I appreciate this evolution, and it has made you one of the most thoughtful tech journalists around.
EVERYTHING out_there
EVERYTHING out_there 10 tuntia sitten
Well if it’s going to come later but’s going to be better Why not? 🤷‍♂️
Jets115 10 tuntia sitten
Ryan Martineau
Ryan Martineau 10 tuntia sitten
I definitely prefer cool features sooner. I make my buying decisions based on what a product can do today, not what it might be able to do in the future if I also happen to have another same-ecosystem product. The Apple features all seem nice, but I only have an iPhone (through work). It’s a big investment to break into the walled garden, even if it might be nice when I get there. Other systems have neat features I can use today.
50ccc 10 tuntia sitten
The same reasoning of seamless integration and other positives reminds me of Toyota. I was told they operate the same way for the exact same reasons with their vehicles. Props.
As someone who switched to iPhones, I keep going to photos to find a word I that’s in an image in my camera roll. On android i used to search for a meme by typing the key words in google photos
Shahzad Mughal
Shahzad Mughal 10 tuntia sitten
I was waiting that he'll talk about huawei HormonyOS but sadly they're sitting world's so called democracies.
Coach Katya
Coach Katya 10 tuntia sitten
i think the "well polished" features are more future proof and sustainable. Idk, or maybe im just bias with apple
Des de Jonge
Des de Jonge 10 tuntia sitten
Would always rather have te well worked out version of cutting edge technology. Otherwise what is the point of you can’t use it beyond its first purpose?
5-HT2A 10 tuntia sitten
If your company is the first with a new feature, you're innovative and therefore objectively better. If your company is _isn't_ first, that's because you want your product to be perfect, and therefore you're objectively better. Apple has done that for a long time, and their customers believe every word of it. Google has done that for a long time, and their customers believe every word of it.Truth is, sometimes you are the more innovative company for 2-3 years and the competition copies, sometimes it's the other way around. Nothing wrong with that. And if two companies compete with each other, at the end the customer is the winner of it all. Sad that many customers don't realize that and rather fight each other.
lmao 10 tuntia sitten
apple sucks
Dr. Hibbs
Dr. Hibbs 10 tuntia sitten
Eh. This isn't really true of every feature. It's a lot more complicated than that, I don't really like the broad stroke. There are other reasons for a ridiculous amount of features being held, ranging from 'we didn't think you needed it' to 'we're not comfortable doing this' on top of board appeasing kick-the-can down the road philosophy. It just doesn't work like this as a broad stroke, they have so much money that if they really wanted an unbaked feature to make it into a build, they can easily allocate resources to close the gap to their satisfaction. As a programmer, this is a little defensive and not exactly accurate. There's no minimum development time across the board for finely tuned application. Don't work like that. This is about as silly as MKBHD claiming wireless RAW data transfer via MagSafe is on the horizon. Just another content creator talking a little out of turn. At any rate, I have no problems with MKBHD, I'm just tired of content creators and gaming journalists speaking for software engineers. We can speak for ourselves, thanks. Maybe ask one of us. Apple is a rare huge company that has 3 of the 3 development tenets, essentially meaning they can render one of those tenets in applicable at any time. They can sacrifice time and people for money, they can sacrifice money and people for time, they can sacrifice money and time for people. Edit: I'd also like it to be known that I use Apple and Android both, and will change OS at any given time based on value proposition and state of OS. Brand loyalty is freakin' ridiculous. Evaluate your use case scenario and make your decision on that. When it's time to upgrade, reevaluate your use case scenario and make a completely new decision.
Technical Rishy
Technical Rishy 11 tuntia sitten
awesom feature no matter late
Saul 11 tuntia sitten
what are you talking about? on android you can do the same with google lens in any gallery app simply press the google lens button on the corner and it will let you call a number or do whatever you want.
aj_ramirez 11 tuntia sitten
Yeah let’s be honest apple will always come later with features that android have been having for a while now but the difference is that android tends to be laggy with new features, instead when apple brings new features, they are had solid and smooth! They’ll always come late but way better than other version and without lagging! 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
Mistaa Jay
Mistaa Jay 11 tuntia sitten
Lol this is why Android will always be better then Apple. Apple remains uninnovative just mf who take shit that ain’t theirs and say it’s new 😂 😂
fabio cekrezi
fabio cekrezi 7 tuntia sitten
Same goes for android lmfaoo yall cant even compete with ios thats why you have every single bullshit feature and act like you better 😂
LENNY 11 tuntia sitten
Android > 🍎
Ayman Tehsin
Ayman Tehsin 11 tuntia sitten
Sure.. it's ok that Apple has split screen 9 years later than Samsung cause it is "better"
fabio cekrezi
fabio cekrezi 7 tuntia sitten
Sure.. it's ok that android has sharing "airdrop" 5 years later than apple oh and its ok that they didn't have touchscreen smartphone years after apple
ASHOK MITTAL 11 tuntia sitten
Later but more polished and well integrated
Brian 12 tuntia sitten
Yeah but Android has FIplace Vanced
funkam0nkey 12 tuntia sitten
I moved to Apple products a month or so back and after wondering why people preferred iPhone to android phones, even though features seemed late or out of date, I know get it. Those features work and work well. They are refined and integrated into everything. It now all makes sense.
Leon CatchMe
Leon CatchMe 12 tuntia sitten
But huawei already doing that on their huawei share thry Emui10 to work seemingly to any of their laptops. Until Trump banned them.
jjmBisoy 12 tuntia sitten
I wonder if they will implement iMessage to android in the future. 🤔
Norman Crews
Norman Crews 12 tuntia sitten
You don't have to use Google lens to copy and paste. For google phones
bssni touir
bssni touir 12 tuntia sitten
iPadOS 15 in a nutshell: still not included a calculator
Grab That Free Stuff
Grab That Free Stuff 8 tuntia sitten
Kamran Mottaghi
Kamran Mottaghi 12 tuntia sitten
you have “ground loop” in your audio signal
Nathaniel Nelson
Nathaniel Nelson 13 tuntia sitten
Can u please bring up how trash sending video via MMS on Android is and why it hasn't changed in years. Just potato potato potato. Literally the only thing I don't like about Android
Shraddhey Sushil Mishra
Shraddhey Sushil Mishra 13 tuntia sitten
I am disappointed by MK this time. I don't like his way of mentioning every features of Google's android and saying "Apple did this much better".. neglacting the time gap. Just think it over, You are using a feature since 2 years and then suddenly a money-milking company introduces the same feature with a little tweak and and and just for their own ecosystem. And a Apple pimp says Apple did it better. Seriously pissed off..Heavily disappointed MK.......For an instance, I thought of unsubscribing.
Shraddhey Sushil Mishra
Shraddhey Sushil Mishra 5 tuntia sitten
@bssni touir can you mention the time cuz it don't remember when did a background noise came in video..MK is very good at editing..🙂
Shraddhey Sushil Mishra
Shraddhey Sushil Mishra 5 tuntia sitten
@fabio cekrezi apple doesn't even care about thinking, they just use to copy the 2-3 years old feature as an Apple Ecosystem exclusive..and then call it their so called INNOVATION..🤣
fabio cekrezi
fabio cekrezi 7 tuntia sitten
Lmfaoo😂😂 he didn't say apple did it much better on all of them, 2 apple doesn't need to put these many features at once cause after what features will they add? Lmfao you think those features haven't crossed apples mind?
bssni touir
bssni touir 12 tuntia sitten
What is the noise in the background?
Chris Leikvold
Chris Leikvold 13 tuntia sitten
I've never liked Apple products, as you said they force you to buy all other Apple products, rather than give you the choice like Google and Microsoft products. Proprietary = bad for everyone. Universal interoperability without dependencies = good for everyone. If I want to copy files to/from my phone/computer to/from any other phone/computer, it should just work without needing to be my phone/computer with a proprietary cable and proprietary software. I would consider some Apple products (like an Apple Watch) if they worked with non-Apple products (like my Android phone), however they seem to only sell overpriced proprietary products without any interoperability with other non-Apple products, so I can just never consider them if I want the best quality product with highest ease of use due to most flexibility, interoperability and customisability.
fabio cekrezi
fabio cekrezi 7 tuntia sitten
Why would they do that? First of all its a lot of money and too much work which doesn't benefit them or the user and why would they? They dont force you anything if you want you can have half of the ios features with other OS if you use your gmail and not icloud account simple as that
HISANG LIN LIEW 13 tuntia sitten
Hi, Can you talk about HarmonyOS?
XakTerrible 13 tuntia sitten
I hear the new iPhones will have touch screens. Is that true?
Robinson DC
Robinson DC 13 tuntia sitten
Woah Apple ❤️🤟😎
Kùddò Sáchí
Kùddò Sáchí 13 tuntia sitten
Why youtube new update soo annoying 😔
Austin Anil
Austin Anil 13 tuntia sitten
Can I have a good phone
Sukhi Singh
Sukhi Singh 13 tuntia sitten
I have always sided with the choice of well integrated features, apps and functions that I can easily use and that will actually seamlessly connect with each other - so I love the way Apple does it - “We have no wish to be first, but when we do use the tech it really works and has a genuine use for the user” Steve Jobs (I remember him saying singing to this nature in his late 2010 key note”
Александр Гаврилов
Waiting when they add swipe from right to left as "go back" gesture.
Hiren 13 tuntia sitten
As an android user I agree, apple polishes stuff far better in general.
Abdul Salam Qasim
Abdul Salam Qasim 13 tuntia sitten
Huawei has this from long ago in gallery you cam double tap a phota and serch for similar things
simioni 13 tuntia sitten
The "ecosystem flex feature" is just a copy of Symless' Synergy software. I've been using that for more than 10 years! And that is even multiplatform, it can drag a mouse pointer and files between macs, windows, linux... Apple is out of ideas and is now just stealing from it's own community of 3rd party devs. Just like last years sidecar feature ripped off Astropad. And some year before the spotlight revamp made it into a carbon copy of Alfred.
Ravindu Herath
Ravindu Herath 13 tuntia sitten
ANDROID gives IOS the room to grow. Both are interdependent
Rishabh Agarwal
Rishabh Agarwal 13 tuntia sitten
...Windows 11 "might" just be way better...
Nirav Maniar
Nirav Maniar 14 tuntia sitten
On questions of features.. does iphone have separate volumes for notifications, media and alarms ? Android has it since day 1 and its one of the most basic features to have in a OS.
Anton Roos
Anton Roos 14 tuntia sitten
What is the noise in the background?
Paul 14 tuntia sitten
Logitech have the file drop and cursor thing actually for 3 years now! Even cross platform, so it isn't something ecosystem related
Martin Stoyanov
Martin Stoyanov 14 tuntia sitten
I prefer "later but better". I use Android and Windows though. Apple is tempting me for a while but I am too accustomed with what I have. Guess the ecosystem switch friction goes both ways.
Adebayo Ige Toyosi
Adebayo Ige Toyosi 15 tuntia sitten
All you keep saying that its seamless, until we get actual hands-on the OS and it's not all that
Sameer Khan
Sameer Khan 15 tuntia sitten
I'll wait for well polished features. The world is not ending as soon as these companies(android phone manufacturers) seem to think.
Arun Saladi
Arun Saladi 15 tuntia sitten
3:29 shoutout to khaby😂
Anthony B
Anthony B 15 tuntia sitten
I love how Apple tells you how secure your data is, and they just hand politicians data over like its nothing... I wonder if apple maps will give directions to the nearest homeless camp.
ROC 15 tuntia sitten
Cos it's rip off lol
🇲 🇦 🇭 🇮 🇷
I would like to get features late but with zero bugs and seamless experience
Hobbit_Haven 15 tuntia sitten
Ben Salter
Ben Salter 16 tuntia sitten
What’s with the background noise? Uncomfortable to listen to.
Lena 16 tuntia sitten
Isn't it nice when there is the right leader to lead the entire central control in the right direction? Full integration compared to "fragmentation and freedom". Copying the competition but with a twist of their own innovation. Apple also has people that hate on them and want to sue them but in reality, they want to create a quality ecosystem and product, so they don't care and move on. Guess which country also has these qualities. China. Copy and learn like you learn math, and put their own twist on the product to make it their own. Central Control that has more integration and efficiency compared to fragmented democratic countries. People that hate on them but they know their goals so they just keep growing while haters keep hating.
Regit 16 tuntia sitten
I thought this would be about devices in the ecosystem getting features late compared to each other (widgets, now Quick Note not on iOS). Would be interested to hear your thoughts on why a company with such a huge workforce can’t make all changes universal across its devices
Dr. Hibbs
Dr. Hibbs 10 tuntia sitten
He doesn't know, he's not a software engineer.
Aditya Ramaswamy
Aditya Ramaswamy 16 tuntia sitten
To your question at the end of the video about preference between super innovative features and more well polished , I feel that the best example of well plugged in and super innovative features for Android would closest be held by Pixel phones. I have been a long time pixel user and while I did have IPhone for work in parallel I have almost always enjoyed the android ui more. I think with ios14 its come close to the android features in regular use. I may have this luxury as I am not into the apple ecosystem with the only apple product I use being the iPhone.
kiran ranjitkar
kiran ranjitkar 16 tuntia sitten
Don't know about Google, Microsoft will.
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